"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Scott Carpenter was among the first astronauts

Virginia Woolf was among the brilliant suicides

The look on their faces is not all that different:

inscrutable smiles  expectant eyes  mischief about 

the lips   One explored the heavens +seas   the other

words +rivers   Scott died at 88   Virginia at 59


When Scott arrived in heaven he lifted Virginia from

the Ouse  Why he had endured forces 16x that of gravity

& he knew a thing or 2  about freedom   Scott did not believe

it was just another word    Virginia wrote 9,626 words  & knew

nothing about freedom   Scott married 4x  & had 8 kids   Virginia

once  & had none


The stones weighed heavy in her pocket on the day she had nothing

left to lose    Now a lightness came over her    Scott would teach her

how to fly



Virginia referred to her husband Leonard Woolf as  “my Jew”  & in her

final note before walking into the River Ouse she wrote: Dearest I feel

certain that I am going mad.




May 2014

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