"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A friend who has named all of his cats Jimmy  said:

Why bleach the vagina? I can understand bleaching

the anus  but the vagina  why?   It makes one wonder

if vaginal pinkness+sexual interest are related


Flibanserin a.k.a. female Viagra  has had  very modest

results  says Dr. Julia Heiman (Kinsey Institute)  of this

latest effort to boost sexual arousal through brain chemistry

+address the sexual problems of women


Could the real problem with libido lie in the colour  PINK

for which the pornography industry has made the gold standard

of vaginal supremacy  Go Pink Or Go Home  Requests for pinkening

have increased 20 fold in the past year  +labiaplasty surgeries tripled


Are you: taut enough  smooth enough  young enough  pink enough?

Sounds like a Rolling Stone’s song   this version extolling the vaginal

beatification industry   Do-it-yourself kits   pinksturbation  by any other

name  include: Pink Privates  Pink Wink  +Pink Button


Elke Reissing  psychology professor U of Ottawa: How we groom+care

for our vulvas is another opportunity of choice   Imagine  equating pink-

ening with empowerment!  These may very well be the Dark Ages of self-

actualization   Was a time when en-soulment was the order of the day


But think of it this way  en-pinkment may lead us into yet another *garden

variety misogyny  where gloomy womb tombs +vagina dentata await men

with a penchant for   PINK      Register your disgust at #bitemegentlyplease


*(in a special episode of the Kardashians  the highfalutin mooch Scott Disick

sheared the pubic hair of his 9 months pregnant baby mama Kourtney)



Am I hard enough
Am I rough enough
Am I rich enough
I’m not too blind to see
I’ll never be your beast of burden
So let’s go home and draw the curtains

(Beast Of Burden  The Rolling Stones  Some Girls  1978)


pink feminist



Spring 2015





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