"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Man is A.I. to Nature   nature who created woeman

in her own image    Man’s push to consciousness

hubristic+gnashing as it is   made the soul wary +

not a little bitter  Nature God (dess) replaced by Homo

sapien   Two legged ape deeply enamoured of  Oblivion


We should have stayed hunched on the savannah   Now

the rough beast has killed it’s Gods  +finds itself  unholy

Consciencelessness is a messy business   As men +women

round up fresh victims to behead   some with short little knives

requiring a sawing motion


The boat with the fisherman went missing  What would Jesus say?


I am a god
I am a god
I am a god

(Yeezus  Kanye West)




ex machina

Deus EX MACHINA       Spring 2015

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