"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Women with SIAD (sexual interest+arousal disorder) do not   Did you know

that the G-Spot has become the centre of a multimillion dollar industry?

Producing both the Rabbit Vibrator +the G-Shot (chemical orgasms)   It was

Dr. Beverly Whipple who coined G-Spot  Named for it’s inventor Ernst Grafenberg!


Much of this early work has been de-bunked by Dr. Lori Sabia  among others

who encourage humans to look no further than the B-Spot  that largest of sex

organs: the human brain    Now cast your eye at: online pornography +ponder

Grafenberg’s redundancy   Which brings us to the imminent: singularity    The

point at which machines become human  sans a conscience


What if the singularity has already occurred?   Did not the B-Spot evolve

out of Nature?  Did not the brainy-sapien turn on its Creator   the Great Mother

Nature?  Havoc has been wreaked    This week  Pepper – The Emotional Robot

sold 1,000 units in 1 minute   for $2,000 a piece


Pepper will try to make you happy whether for domestic help or sex    Pepper

can read+respond to emotions   Ominously  she may make mistakes    And

somewhere in a cave perhaps in the badlands of Pakistan  a synth-terrorist is




The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell

the end of the human race.  Stephen Hawking  BBC  2014


pepper sad

Pepper mourns humanity




Summer 2015

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