"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Girls of Summer +their spangly shoes

One on pink park bench   mysteriously

painted under full moons   Now strewn

across our frenzied city  soon to be in

Pan Am purgatory


She an almost-goddess serenely perched

Gold sandals encrusted with jewels   Young

Queen of Sheba reigns over milquetoast boys

in Trinity


One on a uni-cycle with music blaring   Red

Hot Chilis   Give it away Give it away Give it

away Now   I don’t know about you   but I’m

keeping mine   Keep it like the Kaiser  drones

Anthony Kiedis  heroin befriended lead Pepper


Unlike the 80 lb. nine year old boy who caught

a seventy-five year old  600 lb. fish  +gave it back

to the Fraser River: cause if you kill them there

won’t be anymore to catch


The giant white fish  born at the end of   WWII

Mother of all sturgeons   Our freedom fish    But

don’t you be fooled    Ain’t nobody perfect    Ain’t

nobody free  Miss Nina Simone just whispered to me





Summer 2015

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