"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He said to me    She is a shaman from Chomedey   has 4 kids  & is

Cherokee   Some say he has a 3rd eye so advanced  we might liken

it to an x-ray    He uses it for online dating  & necromancy


Yesterday  he spoke of the NAACP lady:  quite possibly black on the

inside & white on the outside   +if so why can’t they leave her alone?

Ditto for Caitlyn Jenner  a woman on the inside  + a man on the outside

Courageously  after multiple surgeries   living as what she has always been


It’s just that Humans see the world in  binary   Grey areas anathema to

biological imperatives   Everything must be defined  nailed down  especially

the cheetah in the bushes  or you become lunch    When more truthfully only

uncertainty is a certainty


Take the genetic mosaic  where individuals possess xx chromosomes in some

cells  & xy’s in others   How do you determine their gender?   Not by what the

majority of their cells are    Women with more than 90% xy’s  have given birth


We have probably outlived the biological necessity for binary  along with genocide

torture  +terrorism    Survival of the fittest may now be about compassion  kindness

+turning cheeks (yes this has been tried rather unsuccessfully)  Yet as we continue to

pursue genocide as a way of life  (*please see Yadhizis Spring 2015)   One  might say:

Embrace GREY  or perish  Upright Ape!



All music uses the same notes whether classical, religious or funk. So I decided to

take my beatings until I could find a place where people said: Oh don’t beat him;

listen!    Ornette Coleman  Jazz legend  RIP  died Thursday June 12, 2015

ornette coleman



Spring  final days  2015




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