"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Bella has a glint in her eye  She is bigger than the other

kids   One might say  ungainly   +her choreography reeks

of  Lolita    She is a big-girl  twitching for Summer


Teacher is stocky   Eats snacks with a wild abandon   full of

dark-sarcasm   He eyes me suspiciously   Had a teacher once

young  + undone  by schoolgirl fantasies    stood way too close


Now 2 girls toss a rose-coloured ball   One shouts: MY BALL  DON’T

FUCK WITH ME   Chases the moist boys away    What is foretold?

Bella will have carnal knowledge quite early    Teacher holds her against

his snack-laden body    Seriously    Toronto park    waning Spring   2015


He may not have read the manual  with comprehension    Bella in

heart-shaped glasses  returns to her pimp in the Niagara Region as

often as possible    Young teacher the subject of  schoolgirl fantasies+

animus complexes



*In its negative aspect, the animus constellates as the inner critic, judge, 

sadist, murderer, evil magician and the proverbial cad who constantly

informs the woman 
that she’s ugly, worthless, stupid, and unlovable. 

Animus = male aspect of a woman’s psyche shaped by her earliest male

encounters.   C.G. Jung






Last days Spring 2015    for C.S. Regent Park +Niagara

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