"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Did you know that Einstein’s penis was 1.5 inches?

Or wait  was that Napoleon’s?  Einstein explained

relativity  which explains gravity   Yet I have not the

gravitas to explain the hipster’s penchant for my park


Today Trinity Bellwoods is filled with boy-lugs  (+the man

who photographs women’s crotches)  Les boys brought a

little bit of everything: neon frisbees  2 eagle kites  badminton

bubbles+rollerblades      O un-holiest of clichés


One guy with chains streaming from his jeans  bare-chested +

foul-mouthed  cannot fly his kite worth shit   Hands it over to

granddaddy (in chains)   now dragging eagle along the ground

Astute aboriginal man shouts: Hey that’s no eagle!    Frisbees

hitting trees  + paisley clad Poet   Albino squirrels run for cover


Cool people are to parks as parks are to dogs  as dogs are to

parks: noisy interlopers who shit where they sleep




I become very raw emotionally when I’m writing. A good steak

can bring me to tears.  (Nic Pizzolatto  True Detective  June 2015)



trinity winter

white squirrels trinity


Summer  2015








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