"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

kansas shmansas

did u know there is no bigdipper in the southern hemisphere?

the constellations are different  +brand new  much like life

after losing a final parent  + 1 brother


groundshift + weary


but HARK !  what light?  what fish?  what do u know about fish?

can an oldjew  learn new tricks?  as in  snorkel on a Curaçao reef?

REEFMADNESS  about to begin  12 degrees from the equator


your Spanish+Portuguese kin went in boatloads  1650’s  after yet

another dispersion of your peops   sadly too  slaveships brought

1,000,000 Africans   in chains


so what do u expect to find?   sunshine✅   your soulhole✅

+ the courage to return home   to finish your final 3rd  with a

little  dignity  dignitas   should that become necessary


new territory

new territory


Winter 2023    …then there were 3…

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