"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

wait up

wish i had a zipper  from third eye to my toe

much like the scar on my father’s body  sternum

to ankle   (..they cut me from stem to stern..)


mother+brother’s scars  more of the psyche

though  chest  bladder  +around backs  too

stitched +sewn  into fabric of souls


with this zipper (also a feature of couture dresses

+bodybags)   i would unzip myself from this mortalcoil

+make a beeline for New Mexico (bucket list rodeodream)


in addition to buicksized scorpions 🦂  i fully expect to find

my dead peops   motherfatherbrother   tumbleweed +free

free-er than i will ever be


until i take my place beside them

when daddy holds out his hand

and lifts me to my steed 🦄




Winter 2023  ..until we meet again..

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