"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

ain’t no sunshine

on paper  she looked like she was afraid of

her own shadow*  especially that  ie., (split off

parts of oneself  reaching back to the realm

of our animal ancestors..C.G. Jung)


taught to worship mammon (who wasn’t?)  +the

power of men   when i told her in another time  man

worshipped woman  (google it)  breasts thighs butts

yes  google that too    she became indignant

she simply didn’t believe it !  ditto when i told her

there were zillions of stars in the sky  well i never

see them  urbanpoor  removed from school at 12

though spelling bee winner + published poet at 8

(Montreal Gazette circa 1932)


Mother saw her first sunrise  at 93  in the same

room in which she died   ape i saw a giant orange

ball in the sky  i thought it was a spaceship!


5 yrs later the same mothership  came to take her

she lay fearless for 15 hrs  as lifeforce ebbed  she

who had given birth to multitudes  what is this  am

i going to meet my maker?   (what nerve!)


the orange ship landed on the balcony  her maker

a Clarke Gable doppelgänger  or was it Roger Mudd?

lifted her  ever so gently  a lithebody now  slender of

limb  like Vivien


he lit her cigarette  she dragged deeply  frankly Clarke

those little shits i raised took all my vices away   now

pour me a stiff Courvoisier!


*(mother’s Courvoisier bill the 8th wonder of the world)


Winter 2023 can’t give her one more day??..🥃l’chiam..





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