"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

who who who

a great raptor of the night  visited me  recently

these large birds of prey are rarely seen  in the

day   i saw one once  waybackwhen  on a stump

at a fork in the road  (ask not for whom the bell tolls)


30 yrs ago  when joints supple  +tinkerbell  now rigor

+cronish  could be worse   (ya right)  the great owl is

not to be confused   with hawk mythos   the hawk  a

pure  deathbird


2 took a brother  +several cackling bombdivers  scooped

our mother  they squawked + cawed in evil gaiety  as she

lay  covidbidden   mother+i sat  on opposite sides  of a

screen door    waving whenever she woke


little did i know   the hawks were inches   from snatching

her away   in 82 days   at sunrise   while owls can be harbingers

of imminent death   they are mostly all about  transformation  +

magic  long the compañeros  of witches+urbanjewishshamans


one generation

slips away  (leaving behind boxes of photo albums +such)

one generation

makes its

steep climb


death the soil  of life


up at the cemetery  our ancestors stir  the hawk circles  the owl

sits  on the yet uncarved stone  as motherfatherbrother  exchange

pleasantries    resist fate!    light out for new territories    learn to

dig   the mystery! 



Winter 2023  ..amor fati..and move on fer chrissakes..!



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