"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

shiny happy poem

he said:  hey  you can choose sunshine+daffodils  sunshine!





the Stones say:  u can’t always get what u want

and often  what u get  is not  what u want  so is

Mick saying:  choice is overrated ?  my dentist’s

secretary  Barbra  recently said  death is overrated

who is right?     both are


many among us would choose death  if it did not

involve dying?   sweetoblivion   no more trying

your thoughts  make your life  they  are  your life

so can scripts be rewritten?   as i suffer +shiva


the woke generation’s perseveration on the word

manifest:  aka  i can pull the life of my dreams out

of my ass  in a heartbeat   while we   the unwoke



today i wear the sad wooldress  i wore to my mother’s

funeral  13 wks ago  her script at 98 yrs old:  i am sickly

afraid   +hate being alone  though in excellent health

much of her life    cigs    no vegetables   no exercise


alone for 33 yrs

+she handled a

bought of cancer

with savoir-faire


my manifesto:



..which is harder: to be executed, or to suffer the

prolonged agony which consists of being trampled

to death  by geese?..(Søren Kierkegaard)  much loved

by the woke..


Winter 2023 brave..

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