"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

worlds colliding

the collision of worlds


did that day really happen?    (ie.,Nov 14/22)

those people?  those years?


now spat out on the shore of a

foreign land   strangered  +surreal

how many death/rebirth cycles does

it take to change a lightbulb?


to get to a place where you realize

that none of it really matters  what was  was

said  my now 15 wks dead  mother


all that matters  is the air in your lungs  in this

unsung moment  (am i turning into Ram Dass?!😱)

are you a woman or a mouse?  dead or alive?


you may not even know  like the angels who are

said to not know  whether the humans they walk

among  are dead or alive


telltale signs of life:

my paternal great grandmother  Molly Newman

had 5 children  crossed the Atlantic at 30  with 4

of ’em    dead by 39   uterine cancer


we are likely  overthinking  the questions


(her fate..had Mollie Newman not left Poland) the questions now.. perhaps then someday

far in the future.. you will gradually.. without even

noticing it.. live your way into the answers..

(Rainer Maria Rilke   Letters To A Young Poet)


Winter 2023 dammit  live!..







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