"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

pincushion blues

going on a trip  sans psychedelics   though

shrooms©️  are the new ambrosia   will cure:

depression  mindfuck  +crepescularskin


heading to the Caribbean   where my bros

assure me   sealice et al.  abound   so i bought

repellent for:




+american tourists


i have had so many vaxes  my scurvyarms   all

yellow+bruise  hepatitis diphtheria whooping cough

(isn’t that a children’s disease?!)  covid  tetanus   +

syphilis   thrown in for free


none of this is cheering me   hopefully  handsome

dolphins await   but truth is  i may not leave my room

why not get back to me  when you develop vaccines





the hip

the woke


OK! i’ll stop   Robert Zimmerman is not the only

depressed Jewish poet  with rabbicurls  +a gnarly



..give me crack and anal sex  take the only tree

that’s left  and stuff it up the hole inside your culture

(Leonard Cohen..the little Jew..who wrote the Bible..)


Winter 2023

..for Deedle Prickwell .. ’cause he begged for a happy poem..🌷


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