"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

paradise by the dashboard light


where were you when you first heard

the meatman sing it?  anthemic sleaze

yellow camaro    lake ontario


freezing breeze  30 below  1st kiss   life ripped

downgraded to  Magdalene   permablues

innocence ooooooooze


a goddamn guarantee   of   charlatan fever

no vaccines    young lady!   i have a smallish

chicken in my pocket  won’t you pet mychickiedickie?🐔


one guy from Jersey  with  loser  tattooed above 3rd eye

spake Nicaragua   with  spanishinflection   sociopathic

+slightly ginger


i spent much time  in the basement closet   as a girl

there I stumbled upon a trove  of Playboys  circa 1970

where Hugh  in dulcet tones   begged me  to bark   +

then proposed


Curacao 2023  ..mother cursed dybbuk Hugh to her dying day🍎

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