"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

my private paradise

where all the hot young interns from Amsterdam

doppelgänger Kierkegaard   where birds make the

sound of plastic  rubbing  on plastic   in a prolonged



where on a promontory  i met a lithe redhead  calling

my name   apeeeeeeeaaaal  apeeeeeeeeaaaal   this

produced a  riptide of grief  from the nine year old

in me


said redhead awoke  always happy  to begin her slaving

526 lbs of laundry  weekly   chickens  groundmeat  kilos of

dogfood for Dino  our dog the size of a dinosaur  slops for

the sow  +billygoat  who performed indecently  with a brother


i digress


paradise (@ $700/day)

is just another

word for all

you can’t




Curacao 2023  ..try looking within..i hear it’s free..🦕



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