"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Hadn’t seen each other in 44 yrs.   I remember her at 17

Sephardic  Jet black hair  Horsey voice  Married a Rockefella

I approached warmly  not sure she remembered me  even after

our 2 hr tete a tete   But how could her husband forget?  Showed

up at my office one day  Just sat there  +smiled +stared  Nostrils



I was on the phone  with her!  Get Dickie to take you for lunch

Today she is haggard  Vestigial   And what am I?  Encased behind

giant pink Mui Mui frames  even after twilight   Windows to my

soulhole shuttered   Now sotto voce  she goes into how a brother

died in May  +father-in-law 6 months prior on a Monday  Married

off her son the same Friday


Was that fear glinting  when I mentioned that the dead are just as

pre-occupied with immortality as we are?  Perhaps even more so?

She did stop taking down my contact info though  +bumped into my

old mother as she beat a hasty retreat from the party


Mother snarled  Incisors bared  Life in the bardo having changed her

From sweet+gentle  to cantankeousasfuck   94  +tired of waiting for

her close-up  Mr. DeMille



“If I can only recover, I will have her.  I will sell the shop. We will travel.

In many new cities, I will see her in dresses of many colours. Which will

drop to many floors.” 

(Hans Vollman   in heaven  still unaware he is dead  after a beam has fallen

on his head..  Lincoln in the Bardo  George Saunders  2017)






End of Summer 2018 ..

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