"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Fonteini Agrafioti  head of Borealis AI  received 80 million

from the Quebec government for research into artificial

intelligence  While the health care system is so abysmal

that numberless cancer patients have received only partial

doses of chemotherapy


Ontario has plans too  for robots to assist the aged  due to

a shortage of funding for nurses +nurses aids   Research has

shown that if robots have skin  it is off putting for human interaction

While in Borneo humans set baby orang-utans free after periods

of re-training in captivity (mothers having been hacked into pieces

for their organs)


Humans on the other hand resist freedom after millennia of

servitude to  kings  despots  religion  of being herded into

submission by the nuclear family  And for anyone who thought

self awareness  +consciousness  even zenmind appealing  just

the right amount of suffering will turn off such desires permanently


Unlike baby apes  who yearn to be free  +will refuse food from

a robotic hand   humans will take sustenance from any tom  dick or

hairy  And soon  in our secular age  be opiated in droves by mary jane

So which would you rather be?  And hands up  those who are looking

forward to being bathed by skinless robots when wizened +sage?



*the biological imperative for keeping older adults around is for their

wisdom  regardless of who is bathing them  (Globe+Mail  August 2018)


..the Kardashian bot..



End of Summer  2018

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