"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Is waiting for free Chuck Taylors at the bus stop

where a guy hangs them every 2 hrs. like fishing with

radar?   Hunting with fast jeeps+assault rifles?  You know

the answer  because yesterday as you skulked around the

bus stop  there he was


He placed a brandnew pair on a hook  You looked fairly deeply

into each other’s eyes   His smirked  youwellheeledbitch  as you

crept nearer to the free Chucks  +read the card affixed: If you’re 

brave enough to take ’em  they’re yours   A girl with purple hair

cruised close  You taking those?  Incisors spoke volumes as envy

ricocheted past left ear


You looked for the  Candid Camera  crew  and felt for a moment the kind

of elation that came in the days when you weren’t so high maintenance

+men in BMW’s swarmed   Blowing kisses  +throwing money   But these

days you love nothing better than a hard  truth   A dream wet with sailors

+a free pair of shoes




coveter of free Chucks

not done with fabulous  or sailors    quite yet


Faustian pact of fashionista bitches everywhere





September 2018   RIP  Summer of The Gun  The Orange Prez Pig (going down soon!) Free shoes  John McCain


..nothing came between Bob+his Chucks..

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One thought on “SHOES

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Long Live Bob Cousy!

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