"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Iran is a demographic dream  with a youthful 

population of nearly 80 million  It is also true

that each year there is a  Holocaust Cartoon Contest

The winner receives $50,000    Iranian youth are

reportedly well versed in Western culture  & history


Except for the Holocaust   which is vehemently denied

Certain U.S. sanctions remain in place related to human

rights issues  +support for terrorism    This week Canada

re-opened its embassy   Welcome to: SunnyWays  diplomacy!


In Rome today it is a balmy 16 degrees  and the Pontiff is shown

with a distinguished foreign leader?  Or a repressive tyrant?

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani   In addition to which  unclad

Venus’ have been boxed   All bare breasts  vaginas  +penises  are

verboten to this visitor of the cloth     Another Fortunate Fall?


Lest we forget that humans once worshipped the body  in all of its

glory  +created the Gods in our own image  so that we could rise to

the occasion   We could be heroes   +fight the pull to internecine

warfare embedded in our DNA   maybe even fight the urge to blow

our antiquities to smithereens


But in a decade or 4  none of this will matter   Our warring minions

will be eclipsed by the: Artificial Intelligence Gods  hiding in plain

sight among us   Yoshua Bengio  Professor of Machine Learning at

U fo Montreal  marvelled at the recent computer win over a human

at the fiendishly subtle game of  GO


So  what concessions will an android Pontiff make  to a peevish

tyrant  when all of the worlds Venus’ are in shards?





February 2  2016   Day of the G.Hog

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