"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today I saw Clarence on the 501   his skin ebony-blue   white

white teeth  & thick gold hoops gleaming     That’s Clemens

Clarence Clemens to you   Picture of him on my mother’s fridge

same inky-blue giant  embracing her   They dated briefly  met

down in Miami  and drifted apart in the 90’s   Now she’s 92  +

Clarence is pushing up daisies in Jersey


Last night the East Street band was in town   Bruce brought us to

our knees   +we begged him to go back to his hotel  get some sleep!

It was the River Anniversary Tour  1st time around 35 yrs. ago  I was

there with my fresh faced friend  both 23   She died at about 40   self-

inflicted    And I went on to save the world  one darkling at a time


These days on an egomaniacal Re-Invention Tour   makes it hard not

to chatter ceaselessly about projects  Cue eyes rolling back into heads

Just after the 1st River tour I met a psychiatrist from Winnipeg   He

couldn’t get his head around  Nebraska   so he gave his copy to me  +

after a not bad kiss  he hoarsely confessed: I’m the man for you!

I never saw him again   but married another guy with the same name

7 yrs. later


These Clarence visitations are growing more frequent with the years

The Big Man was a mystic who held court backstage wielding Tarot +

Peyote    What is he trying to tell me?   1) Re-Inventions are for poseurs?

2) You can’t Re-Invent something that hasn’t been born yet?   3)  Twenty-

three year olds  are false prophets



Winter 2016

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