"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Last night I watched Beyoncé closely   shaking her booty

at Superbowl 50   I want her to have more dignity     In

Storyville  circa 1860  the price of a teenaged virgin was

$800     A murky trajectory?     Now her little daughter

dances in a brothel reverie   *see Formation video

just released


My mind wandered to Obama   You just know the King of

Cool American Presidents was getting excited in the White

House living room   ‘Shellee shares his thing for Queen Bey

+when they move back to  not the south side of Chicago    a

menage is in the works   Big lummox-y Jay z  is decidedly

shut out     Can you blame them?


As last night’s Superbowl unfolded  I couldn’t help but feel for

Cam Newton   While he threw some deadly pigskin   mostly he

threw to no one    Then he pouted with lush caramel lips  until

the 2 minute warning


Worlds away yesterday  while America watched burly men dabbin

in a crazed football-bachanalia   the Roundboy  in Pyongyang launched

a satellite into Space   Extending North Korea’s potential nuclear reach

10 fold with the Unha-3  a slimjim erectile-projectile


This pointing rather convincingly to Kim Jong Un’s bad case of penis envy

It is also no accident that Dennis Rodman   clown-bacchus prince  worshipped

for his tatts + golden showers  is the new best friend of the baby-tyrant   who

just inched us that much closer to apocalypse  What would Peyton Manning say?



beyonce formation

Beyoncé knows not what she does.. Formation

video beautifies Storyville & Katrina

beyonce daughter centre

Bey’s daughter dancing (centre) in Storyville



Deep Winter 2016



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