"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



last night i saw leo crawl inside of an Appaloosa

After falling from a cliff    +after being mauled

by a Griz   +after clawing his way out of a grave


Exhausting neo-cowboy film   Alejandro Inarritu

on steroids  or something    gorgeous winter light

lots of grunting  especially the bear tasting leo   you

might grunt too


the revenant   loads of stereotypes   most glaring:

indigenous man  sticks his tongue out to catch a flake of

snow   leo apes him   tongue  out  then in  then out again

big smile  though his body  a festering bear-inflicted sore


do some of us think that depictions of  primitive man  in

all of his childlike glory  are verboten?   maybe we are just

jaded  un-revenantable  savages   + maybe not    maybe the

starving  +genocided do not crave snowflakes    just justice

for residential school survivors + missing indigenous women


one chief’s daughter cuts the balls off of  a slave owning soldier

as he savagely rapes her   the depiction is oblique  who you calling

a savage Alejandro?



the horseman’s faces gaudy +grotesque  stripping the clothes from the dead

ripping off limbs  +heads  gutting the strange white torsos   some fell upon the

dying  +sodomized them   as the horses lay screaming  

(Cormac McCarthy   A Comanche Attack – Blood Meridian  1985)


one of the men emerged from the smoke with a naked infant dangling in each

hand  swung them by the heels in turn  bashed their heads against the stones

so that the brains burst forth   a hundred tethered dogs were howling

(Cormac McCarthy   Attack by Federales – Blood Meridian  1985)



Almost Spring  2016

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  1. I want a pony!

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