"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




walking through saks 5th avenue  where the shower gel

smells like money   i came across hordes of hungry men

alone+wandering aisles of leather+haberdashery   achingly

metrosexual +prone to bouts of rage   one stamping his gucci

foot  shouting: where is the plump full rich thing you retail

whores promised me?


a far cry from the burly  also leather-clad apes  of 43,000 yrs.

ago?  who picked up a mammoth bone shard and made it into a

flute   why would this stinking near animal invent music  24,000

yrs. before the cave paintings of lascaux?


for comfort  i suppose   for what calms the beast into a fugue state

of repose  faster than the pipes of pan?   since the earliest days of

man   think rock my soul in the bosom of abraham    the naked ape

has resisted the death-necklace   worn like a crown of thorns   from

about the age of 3


in every tradition+culture  music is part of entombment ceremony

in modern times new musical scores are in development for those

righteous die-ers  when grievous+irredeemable suffering  make

assisted suicide  legal


in belgium+the netherlands psychiatric patients can be euthanized

+one woman  grievous angel  chose to die rather than live without

her husband   now seekers of death can shop for doctors who work

in mobile euthanasia clinics


In quebec 10 people have been euthanized in 60 days   since the right

to die law  was passed     66 more have applied for reasons of social

isolation   one man has already been accepted for: living a life without

love  +therefore having no right to exist 


what about 3 yr. olds with terminal cancer?   the highest court in the land

has just put the hand of the MAN who stilled the waters right into your own

saying: you decide and get back to us   obfuscation?  abdication?   or confusion?

Quite unlike Justice Potter Stewart of the U.S. Supreme Court  who said of

pornography with conviction: i know it when i see it




18 days to SPRING

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