"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Gabriel was childlike  with a teardrop tatt under his right

eye + an impish grin   He said: I wonder if I will go to

Heaven or Hell?   Grin now a mega-watt smile   He was

just out of his teens  death row   Texas


The warden said he’d watched hundreds of executions  +

felt not a shred of remorse  or anything resembling compassion

He added: They don’t deserve to choose their last meal   Did the

victims get to choose Tacos or BBQ?     No Sir


Anderson Cooper then took us on a tour of the facility   deep in

the bowels of the penitent-iary   The gurney is called the Christ Bed

See Gabe with arms outstretched   A chemical-crucifixtion   Few fight

the guards  most docile with fear   soiling themselves on the long walk



I killed a cop but it wasn’t on purpose   He stepped in front of the 

getaway car   Why didn’t you stop?  asked Anderson   Because I

was trying to getaway   Cop’s family ushered into room adjacent to

Christ Bed  +watch the spectacle through a glass darkly


Still feeding slaves to lions in the Coliseum?   Though  if the Cop were

my son  my brother  I may discover reasons to watch the needle crucify

Gabe    Hard to know   but I am thinking  so    I’m a better person now 

I found Jesus Christ  +my wife conceived all 3 kids here  Gabe testified


Cop’s wife exits the final-exit chamber   She says: Our eyes met  We had

a special connection   Some in the audience heckle   catcall    Gabe’s

wife is carried out on a stretcher   And there is a steadfast shortage of

gasps     Swing Low




a matter of days until Spring 2016



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