"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i’ll take mine with a side of hanta

no more perfunctory smiles  humanfaces

i.e. ..the gaze..  fallen by the wayside  as

muted+masked marauders  take to the virus

like shit thru a covidgoose


i did see a mouse among the organicgarlic at

my greengrocer yesterday   pulled back my

hand  didn’t say boo  hoo     ..okay okay


in the midst of covid-19  not going to cry over

a little hanta with my linguini   these days too

busy crushing translucent greenspiders  to a

pulp  (i who used to ferry bugs to a window)


i have a brother who hates: lakes+babies   now

i do too  +covidrage is demolishing relations with

husband #2  but things are much livelier with a virus

around   especially the early dawn visits of sailors  i

now generously share


i asked said husband:

what should i do if i think i‘m losing my mind?  

number 2:

don’t tell me


any other suggestions?




and moans



Spring 2020  ..hey  don’t lose yer sense of humour..


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