"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


why does a guy with a burgeoningbird + a covidcough

follow me on my lonely walks?  (my bros believe i am

naivé  +pet the chickens of wrinklymen in theatres)


u pet one chicken …


but i am not waiting for herdimmunity  i’ve been immune

to the herd’s  lemmingseductions my hole life  or have i?


30 yr. mortgage

27 of which in the trenches of humanity

spat upon by savants+divorced husbands

therapist  yer just a high paid babysitter   this from

a beadyeyed psychologist  after i encouraged his

6 yr. old not to kill his mother  with scissors  (wasn’t there a feature film about this?)


and each night in this covidcrisis  i drink in the

reflection  of stars in my scotch  all smokey  with

leather  peat  +dregs of fear  but when this is over

i have BIG plans:


make the trek up bathurst st.  to squeeze my old mother

grown quarantinepeevish   the latkes are minuscule i tell u     minuscule 


carve out a jagged heart  into my newly silvered hair   a la  moses


walk down the mountain  burning bush in tow

and never come back  no mo

no mo

no mo


“You can be a murderous tyrant and the world will remember you fondly

but fuck one horse and you will be a horse fucker for all eternity.”

(Catherine The Great  Empress of Russia  1762-1796)





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