"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i want to be the doll with the most cake

i lost my driver’s license today  on a covidwalk

license proofpositive  i am  real   must carry i.d.

or carted to the gulag  where stern cops pull yer

teeth    mid-gnash


war measures act  has lead to government measuring  of skulls

only way to identify u  in makeshift morgues  (no daffodils as promised  pre covid 19)

Faulkner’s  as i lay dying  is a de rigueur read   addie bundren’s

coffin  is hauled across america    +she is lost in

the mighty mississippi


last night in a fevered dream: i am  a ratty+naked barbie

hairclumped+rasta   i am in someone’s hand   plastic   with smooth privates

but who i ask u  isn’t feeling trapped  +barely human?


today my lawyer told me: it’s not fraud if no one actually  understands

how to procure the gov’t aid money!  (and no one does..)   SHOW ME THE MONEY!  

pierre elliot’s kid   he of the goatee   looking like a salt+peppered

dybbuk   all snakeoil+limp


much like relations with husband #3   after 26 days in  covidcaptivity

i asked him recently: it’s hard being human  isn’t it?   his answer:

i don’t know  that’s all i’ve ever been   +there is the rub

no clouds of glory trailing    just meat +potatoes






COVIDSPRING  2020  ..hands up if u think a scot can be full of malarky?..

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