"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

ship o fools

in the old days they used to gather

the holy fools  onto ships  and cast them   adrift

now the ships of virusfolks are receiving

the same treatment  just like the jews

when  none was too many  sent back to

perish in camps  +ravines   (*see babi yar)


today cathal kelly sportswriter  @enough about you

comes to the following conclusion after losing

a neighbour’s dog: crisis can change our societal baseline..

that people you don’t know  not only will

help you  but want very badly to do that..


hey cathal  what if bayonets were pointed

at the  helpful strangers  u glorify  and u had

a yellow star on your chest +backside?   (so they could shoot u coming+going)

what then?


for starters  your neighbour’s dog would be

on the bayonet’s tip  roasted on a spit   which

leads to the next question:


am i more afraid of the little spiky covid killers  or nazis??



* Babi Yar: a ravine where 33,000

jews were shot in one sitting  and buried..

dead+alive.. (150,000 in total)


Spring 2020  ..Godspeed John Prine..

..covid 19 attempting to murder him.. and his bride..

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