"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

shotfullofholes like bonnie parker



borrowing what’s left of my ego  on loan

for 6+ decades  for the uninitiated this can

feel like vampirism in reverse   cannabalism is never pretty  and it hurts to be pretty

she always said this  as hairbrush raked

through lush curls  tearing at knots   100 lashes


years later with a mute client  of a mute mother   who ran away

her sessions consisted of: her sitting on my lap   brush my hair  therapist

she stopped coming when funding ran out  shaved her head   as i am about to?


loaning your ego  is blood suck  incubusoverload   devoured by

the wounded  moats with gators in ’em  are good in these instances

suckers want your strength  want to live inside u   u the host  ess

with the most  ess     (in yiddish ess is eat…duh!)


one night in a posh hotel  in a picaresque town  where trinkets abound

in the dead of night  in your twin doubles  u awaken

to a persistent pressure at the edges of your previously  permeable boundary


+there stands the childhood creature   hairy+black

a bit mother-ish  a bit hagfromhell-ish  pressing  keening

let me in!  your house is  whole  holy   mine is  leaking  

shot full of holes    and i’m cold too  




Bonnie Parker Barrows  Poet+Bankrobber



SPRING 2020  ..resurrection around the corner..and if u believe that..

i have a piece of land    in florida..

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