"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


a man in overalls sneezed wet  as my bro

+ i walked by  trying to maintain proper

social distancing  he lumbered near

+on a whim i spat at him  whereupon

my bro used the billybat father had   given him


war measures act defunct  as citizens

take covid into own hands  what 10 things

will u do when covid ends   my own list full

of  tepidbluster  +digression  a covidfog setting in?



hunt the deathhawk stalking our family   +crapping all over the balcony


smash the latch on old mother’s cage

been inside for 40 days  exodus up  bathurst st.

not pretty  most won’t make it   to sea-hi

where chinese food is the new  manna


they stand with their begging bowls   please sir  a bit of pork?  some suey?

but i digress



get an elvis cut   because the beauty

jig is up?  red hairball catches covid   as strident hair artist extorts u

more digression   i guess there’s really

only one thing to do after a pandemic   (your first is always intense)


get your fingers into the folds of skin

working the leathery hide off of ribs

being in a body is highly overrated  and always has been

except for about 5 seconds  at 18


when like a young god u prepare  to begin      (the beguine?)

maybe that’s what the song means

u glistening  with no  might have beens


recently a youthful individual said to me:

i don’t want to have regrets

as mrs death pissed in a circle around his  naivety


regrets   the rude remnants  of other people’s dreams?

if u were supposed to have it all   u woulda     coulda shoulda

now u r  free    what the fuckelse do u wanna be?


but i digress



Spring Equinox  2020

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