"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

visiting hours are over

repatriate my ego  gone girl  gone

jettisoned by late 50’s  decade of

preparations for the long sleeeep

creep of a reaper rubbing hands together

in a corner  fly undone


u need an ego to fight the fight

every 7 yr. old knows this  i can do it myself  

paws off me helpful people!    i.e. mum+dad


but most importantly  in these

virus days we must act as though

these are the   LASTDAYS

or the survival instinct  will not kick in


the one that propels us to gnaw off a  limb

the one that propels us to cover the mouths

of children crying on trains   some died of asphyxiation


on sunday we said good bye to our old

mum  95  now being kept alive by herring  + watery lasagna

but survive she will


because  in order to still be kicking + screaming   (at us)

she must be made of  montreal steel  like our departed

montreal brother  these people are indomitable


until they  are not



CovidWinter  2020



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