"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

free anne frank

i’m thinking about anne a lot these days

at 13 i became enamoured of her  in a BIGWAY

i can still see her darkeyes + curly hair

i had those too  and i fought with my own

mother  like anne  over make-up  boys  +cigs!


but i didn’t have 3 other families living in my

house  which was 10x the size of anne’s attic

just navigating the vicissitudes of purdon dr.

was war enough  at times  otherwise a place   of love + giant dogs  +football


no ovens waiting  only promise  and so

much freedom  we squandered it  and still

had enough to take it lightly  shreds of freedom  the alchemist’s gold

the dung beetle’s dung   need i say more?   ok i’ll stop



CovidWinter  2020

..we celebrate the exodus in 2 weeks..hoping elijah will not be selfisolating..


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