"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

diatribal masturbation

sometimes i go diatribal   a bit like going psycho

zillions of words come to me  some fit into stories  nicely

others are not so nice   all cancergory +fetid


it’s fucking wordglory people!


Allen Ginsberg wrote regularly on psilocybin  +won a Pulitzer

I want to know what happens after I rot  

because I’m already rotting

and who wants to get fucked up the ass really?

my ass drags in the universe  I know too much

and not enough  (Mescaline 1961)


i write unstoned+whiteknuckle  but soon the magic shroom

will be legalized  i tried them at 12  +Jesus called me into our

ravine  where witches  giants  +our long dead grandfather hungout


now spat out  +decrepit   i’m learning how to ride the waves  so fuckchaos

creepy armskin  +omi    i will rise up again     somewheres



Winter 2021  ..youth she’s wasting..

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