"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

it’s a girl mrs. atkins it’s a girl

something gross happened in the shower  on friday

(NO! not that)   earwax+water=cement   husband’s

bloviations  now below the radar


bros called me  earwig soulsister  +a largesse woman

named Olga said: if it’s impacted it’s a grand more bitch

this in Yorkvile  where skinny leather jeans cost  $1,995

(and almost zero cows die in the making)


did u know that sound+touch are inextricably bound?

like love+hate

like love+chainsaw   etc.


if u can’t hear dick  u can’t feel dick

sort of like that other thing  u thought

i was doing

in the shower



Winter 2021  ..Apsie? Apsie?..

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