"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i got down on my knees

what a world!  when i cant even get a free beer

a man said this  in front of the LCBO  Liberty Village TO

let’s be clear  it’s hipster paradise in there


but sans liberty  cause everybody’s attached to being  ubercool

me too   but old brokendown cool   like father  all backbroke +jazz

he hated Mick with a passion   +now i see why


scrawny  unbrawny  +decidedly NOT  Slim Harpo   i know things gonna

get tougher  but it’s okay  i’m regularly in  the zone  with various swamis

who have been meditating  for 4.2 million staryears


did u know that the stars u see tonight don’t even exist?  burned out

billions of lightyears ago   just like your libido  so may the force entwine u

with your  BIG DREAM   the one u still glimpse at the edges


better get cracking though

tomorrow today will be yesterday

and so will yous



Winter 2021 .. still slouching toward Frisco be born..



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