"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

*what goes about on 4 legs in the morn 2 at noon 3 in the eve?

*your fate if u can’t answer the riddle


entropy+atrophy are having a party in my soulhole

not to mention the carnival atmosphere in my body

dying cells slamdance  as giblets savoury  sold at

hot dog stands


FINAL THIRD!  the carnis bark   STEP RIGHT UP!

old ladies  petrifying gents  come one  come all  (if u still can)

but i would never trade  the inside  for 25 yr. old  outsides

a superbody quarterly  would do


one brother recently suggested i jump up+down for a blocked ear

i just stood there  +demented    j  u  m  p  ??    but it was when he

encouraged legkicks  that things grew  Lucy  


now on the floor


those fucking kicks

led me to believe

something is rotting



Winter 2021  ..omi can kiss my old white..




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