"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Spence Spence

he had designs on my elevenyearold  body

Mr. Spence  perv+lurchlike  greasy greasy  hair

no Elvis    just plain ugly


he’s dead now  had me on his lap  at his big brass  desk

i was blossom+pre-skank   as the initiated know  11 yr. old  girls

reek of pheromones


he stopped short of full-blown virginsacrifice  he’d

met my father who resembled a linebacker   i suppose

Spence Spence  preyed more fully on the  unprotected   dejected


the ones who would later be my child clients  in the

temenos of pain   it was also in that year  i saved a

brother’s life   as he hung  from a tree  by his hoodie


had Spence touched me  i’d have shived him  with the

very same knife i used  to cut my brother  out of a tree

shrieking  like a girl banshee

__ was she who seduced me..

(Humbert Humbert  Lolita  1955)


Last Day of 2021   ..goodfuckingriddance..




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