"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

immortality what is it good for absolutely nothing

the unvarnished truth re: immortality   we invented it

out of fear   no one from the tribe wanted to be like

the inert guy  over there


they poked  +prodded  +bugs lauded



fast forward to the 21st century  warehouse blues for

80 – 102    old dementing  many fomenting  chosen few



sprouting shrouds none too soon

how do u like immortality now?


ask those in the waiting house   each+every one will tell u

doctors are ghouls  the script pad + jagged little pills  devil’s seeds

especially  the tinytiny one  they can barely see


openmouthed gaping   did it go down?

which 60 yr old will ever eat again

with  zest   gusto   aplomb?


hey  why not be brave  take away the immortality cocktails  give them

fine cognac fer chrissakes  turn waiting houses into palliative yurts! use

your imagination people   (how ’bout a few ladders!)


build places where

the boneold  can rest

before the final climb


we don’t need  your bingo  your dark sarcasm re: non weight bearing

showers   your other goulish devices   hey people  leave the almost

dead   to the task of  HOME


the eternal return

the anti-dote to your

filthy immortality


O Lord  i wanna be in that number!


Fall 2022  ..poet needs vacation..

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