"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

a room at the top

my first age spot  perfect circle   unmistakable sign

of the slide  to the otherside   on a more positive note

at least it’s not a liver spot  remember those?


my parent’s friends had them  one in particular  Bill  (no one kinder)

giant crop circles of pallid brown  alcohol +henpeck

even Bill’s dog was crazed  +not in a happyway


his dog ran in circles  not only that  but Sammy D. jr. would

re-circle the same circle  twice   moral of story: life is a bitch

series of vicious circles  of your OWN making  (ie.. Bill’s 2nd wife

locked Bill in a back room)




hey  there is no padlock on the prison of your mind

there NEVER was  you’re just too busy shining klieglights

on the past to be able to sink into the everpresentpresent

the one dying at the same rate as you



Winter 2022 (live dammit live! ..doesn’t begin to cover it..)

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