"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

mark lanegan blues

there’s something to be said for the wild   for the bacchanal

squandering your light for darkness  revel in your  abandon

my punk poet grungeguy died of covid   coma+eviscerate


ribs broken  fell while dropkicking the round orb with nails

his wife declined the proffered trache  lest it destroy his

gravelpit voice


i didn’t cry for Bowie  but this unglam rocker  got in


in my squandered dreams i wanna be like him  not 35 yrs

a slave  to: mortgage marriage +monog   i took the road most

travelled    fucccck


troubadour visions on a pyre of tradition  in like a lion  out like a

failedrebel   ouchhh   okay  still time to worship  the debauch

all is not lost     yet


..whatever was in this shitwagon i’d caught a ride on, it was

no joke.. this thing was trying to dismantle me  body+soul..

(Mark Lanegan on his deathbed this week)



Winter 2022  ..RIP M.L. raising hell in heaven..



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