"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

no guru


there are so many gurus now  take podcasts

for instance  (please take them)  deep wells

of  blah  blah   fall in  and there u will find   mad trolls


gone mad

from podpeople

circle jerks


said trolls  should u be on a meditation-pod

will drag u back to the  here+now  which u

are told ad nauseam  is the place to be


unless u live in a place where terrorists kidnap

girls at play  how about popping back  into gunfire

landmines  et al


or into Canada  the sound of sedition  honking

inside those 500 trucks  hunker populists  pressed close

to our parliament buildings


with bombs ?

AK-47’s ?

and young children

asleep on damp mats     (soon to be taken away)




Winter 2022  ..when human respect is disintegratin’..




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