"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


JERRY                                     CAN  YOU  HEAR  ME?


You punched me hard in my stomach

when i was eight    You were big & brawny

You looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shining

Did i attract you or did you attract me   to your fist –


My father also brawny   knocked on your door

You lived a block away on his mother’s very street

Later you came pounding  on our  door    Your own

poor mother   as yet unbloodied    had you in tow –

I locked myself in the bathroom    Wish i had stayed there



Twenty years had come and gone

I walked crisply toward the elevator

of the asylum   at 999 Queen St. W.

Were they afraid of the inversion

when they changed the address?

Would 666 reek too much of his dark lord

the one who beckoned you to matricide?


The door opened &  there you stood in a natty

bathrobe    I froze  and prayed      hard

You were not brawny & you did not punch me



Hey Jerry!

We’re neighbours again

From my Juliette balcony I can see

the wall of the asylum –

Jerry can you hear me?

Are you still alive in there?

Come pick me up  &  we’ll  cruise around       in your orange Javelin



Winter  2008


amc javelin

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