"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



We had   9 dogs  1 rabbit   fish  turtles

&  a squirrel   until a louse was found

on baby brother’s head    Later Rocky

fell off the balcony   Daddy  said he was

at the zoo   I believed him fervently as a

child is apt  to do


Especially when parents still wear           the cloak of mystery

Wow   they can run  &  sit on the floor

& chase you around the table when you

dis  their stinkin food


He wont eat anything   if you say you won’t eat it too



..We starved our monkeys. It took them a whole year to die off..

In those days, children did as they were told..  

 Julie Bruck    GG  winner 2012   for Poetry



Winter  2012


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