"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Near a river in the forest   we found

a cabin   Giant  lives there said our

father    So  there are giants   Scared

the beejeezuz  out of   girl tigerlily


Headdress of burrs  & curls    clothes

mudsplashed   & torn   Hiking home

through verdigris moss   well past         bedtime


Clothes will be hidden  hair brushed   burrs scissored     forest nymph no more


Burning the midnight oil again    Atkins? 

pervy teacher will boom the next morn    As I race

up stairs where  18 yrs. of  teachers    loom




Winter 2013   (..wanted to use verdigris in a poem   mentor said too ordinary..

I beg to differ   Mister..)


* A.R. 1874

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