"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I write poems in my sleep   when

I’m supposed to be sleeping   and

I sleep when I’m supposed to be

writing poems


There is a lot of sleeping going on  it would seem


But   it is Winter in the G.W. North

where hibernation, mental masturbation

and a good dose of melancholy are de rigueur    for poets


Lastnight frozen bagels were flying from

the freezer    like mana from the sky

My mother horrified  her kids would beg

for bread  on Passover   fled   our blue striped    kitchen


While I chanted the lines of this poem until

6 a.m.    Now my poetjuice is fading and    I   seriously need a 



Winter 2013 * NOT for Lena Dunham  anti-heroine   who showcased KIKE lastnight  

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