"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Chatter  Chatter  Chatter   a wind-up woman   blathers

excitedly  beside me   Loudly gesticulating  about the

habits of  girls  vs. boys  who apparently:  will stay in wet clothes     until dead


My sense is that medication  is in order  to bring her     blah  blah   down a notch or 2


So that I may hear myself think  &  there will be oxygen enough  for all

in this  currently  airless hall    at the        Royal Conservatory    Where I

once stalked      our    Governor General      coveting  her spangly shoes

*(talking nonsense uses 96% more oxygen often causing bystander blues) 



Early Spring  2013

**Bystander blues: a precursor to acts of aggression in female citydwellers


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