"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It was at the Horseshoe    you cried over

Molly Mann    I cried because you cried

over her    not me        Love is an axe to the soul       you say

almost 25 yrs. to the day     I am beginning to

wonder if the pleasure is worth    the pain


There is a ring  with a cracked  heart in it’s       centre

If you squeeze it   the crack disappears   but

it always returns   It is: the heart that cannot     heal

It ended up  under my bed for 10 yrs.


Discovered there on the last day in my 1st house with my             3rd husband


(..I wanted an answer, a neat answer..

..woman is perfect..)  

Hilda Doolittle 1931


Spring  2013   Songanddancegirl     Bukowski     H.D.

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