"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Last night on my Vampire show

a gorgeous

un-dead redhead

said   to a younger Vamp:


That conscience of yours

it will grow dimmer 

with time

You’re still young

and more   Human


So    the  Human conscience

grows stronger

with Time?         A sentiment rare & fine


You may think we were

all born with one

My child clients were –

but then it all     came  undone


When parents locked

them in closets

and made star shaped

burns      on their  arms      starved some    too


But what about  Love ?   they wonder       and ponder


Isn’t it the glue

that holds our tribe

together ?   Imbues us  with        Humanity


I struggle with the answer


*Humane – having or showing compassion or benevolence; inflicting the minimum of pain


five man band


Fall  2009

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One thought on “I’M A STRANGER

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    What a place! It’s only my first impression of course…

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